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Publication date: May 2021
Series: Robert Kroetsch Series
Keywords: women; woman; female; age; ageing; ageism; senior; seniors; young; old; image; beauty; mother; daughter; grandmother
Subject(s): Literary essays, women; woman; female; age; ageing; ageism; senior; seniors; young; old; image; beauty; mother; daughter; grandmother, Canadian Literature / Women's Studies, LITERARY COLLECTIONS / Canadian, Anthologies: general, Literary essays, Modern & contemporary fiction, Modern & contemporary poetry (c 1900 onwards), Coping with ageing, Canadian Literature, Women's Studies, Literary Nonfiction
Publisher(s): The University of Alberta Press

Rona Altrows. Rona Altrows is an editor, fiction writer, essayist, and playwright. With Naomi K. Lewis, she co-edited Shy (UAlberta Press), and with Julie Sedivy she co-edited Waiting (UAlberta Press), both theme-based anthologies. Her most recent work of fiction is At This Juncture and her website is

“Vulnerability and honesty are found in these pages, and raw power too. Readers will cheer these brave writers on as they refuse to allow stereotypes to smother their voice and experience.”

Carissa Halton, author of Little Yellow House

“Just as aging women can be invisible in our society, they're often invisible to our cultural curators. This collection brilliantly addresses that blind spot, with wisdom, humour, and fine writing.”

Angie Abdou, author of This One Wild Life

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3 The Fixable (Nonfiction), SHARON BUTALA
13 Fearing (Nonfiction), ARIEL GORDON
25 Who Counts the Years? (Nonfiction), MAUREEN BUSH
29 Intent to Forgive (Nonfiction), JOY KOGAWA
33 A barn swallow relative to objects and places (Poetry), WENDY MCGRATH
35 the petals in me (Poetry), LAURIE MACFAYDEN

39 Listen (Fiction), ANNE SORBIE
47 Back to the Garden (Nonfiction), ELIZABETH HAYNES
55 Upriver (Nonfiction), ROBERTA REES
73 Help Fund Pam’s Vital Medical Procedure (Fiction), OLYN OZBICK
93 Sundowning (Fiction), DEBBIE BATEMAN
107 Perfect Purple Rose (Poetry), ELIZABETH GREENE

113 you will be amazed (Poetry), LAURIE MACFAYDEN
115 Mastery of the Instrument (Nonfiction), JOANN MCCAIG
127 Body Composition (Nonfiction), WENDY MCGRATH
133 The Roxy Project (Fiction), CECELIA FREY
145 Rarification (Nonfiction), VIVIAN HANSEN

155 The Art of the Scarf (Fiction), DEBBIE BATEMAN
171 She Will Drive (Fiction), LISA MURPHY LAMB
189 One More Minute (Poetry), JOAN CRATE
191 The Shave (Fiction), RONA ALTROWS

201 Telescoping (Nonfiction), JULIE SEDIVY
211 Rajiana (Poetry), MONI BRAR
215 Aging in Three-Year Increments (Nonfiction), LAURA WERSHLER
227 Lilly’s Funeral (Fiction), MADELAINE SHAW-WONG
237 How I Got Old (Nonfiction), DORA DUECK
245 Adult Tween (Nonfiction), PAULA E. KIRMAN
253 Shuffle (Nonfiction), JANE CAWTHORNE
257 She shops at the Sally Ann and Value Village (Poetry), JOAN CRATE

261 Part of the Furniture (Nonfiction), ARITHA VAN HERK
271 Kissing Kismet Goodbye (Poetry), MONI BRAR
273 Lookin’ Back (Nonfiction), LORRI NEILSEN GLENN
277 Well Preserved (Nonfiction), E. D. MORIN
281 One More Word (Poetry), JOYCE HARRIES

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