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Publication date: March 2020
Series: Robert Kroetsch Series
Keywords: Ukraine, Russia, Europe, Manitoba, religion, faith, immigration, caregivers, spirituality, prairies, war, homeland, inheritance, confessional lyric, genealogy, family history
Subject(s): POETRY / Canadian, POETRY / Women Authors, POETRY / Subjects & Themes / Death, Grief, Loss, Poetry / Canadian Literature, Ukraine, Russia, Europe, Manitoba, religion, faith, immigration, caregivers, spirituality, prairies, war, homeland, inheritance, confessional lyric, genealogy, family history, Poetry, Poetry
Publisher(s): The University of Alberta Press

Angeline Schellenberg. Angeline Schellenberg is a poet living in Treaty 1 territory (Winnipeg). Her first full-length collection, Tell Them It Was Mozart, received three Manitoba Book Awards and was a finalist for a ReLit Award for Poetry.

"Schellenberg’s collection is a love letter to these four people [grandparents] whose lives were so completely intertwined with hers." Kyla Neufeld, Prairie Books Now, Spring/Summer 2020 [Full article at]

“Schellenberg’s best poems don’t offer easy answers, and do a good job of letting the question lie.”

Jonathan Ball, Winnipeg Free Press

"While most of the book’s poems are based on personal connections Schellenberg built with her grandparents over the years, she also explores topics of their ancestry, immigration, and courtship.... Some of the poems touch on the poignant theme of loss..." [Full review at]

Brenda Sawatzky, Niverville Citizen

In Fields of Light and Stone, Angeline Schellenberg turns to old love letters, datebooks, sermon notes, archived genealogies, and her own memory in a quest to understand her biological and spiritual heritage. Her search uncovers a treasure trove of courage and betrayal, love and loss. Through the alchemy of honed poetic skills and unflinching insight, her findings are transformed into evocative and personal poems that honour beloved grandparents and will echo long in the minds and memory of her readers.

Sarah Klassen

Angeline Schellenberg performs acts of remembrance that are all the more poetic for being scrupulously plainspoken, like their subjects. As I read these lyrical, earthbound gestures, Denise Levertov’s lines about her own ancestors, who “prayed with the bench and the floor” kept coming back to me. Fields of Light and Stone is a series of love letters to the dead that makes its own eloquence out of “what was at hand,” musical like a western meadowlark, ordinary like a well-worn burlap sack—an elegy to cherish.

Don McKay

Everything There Is to Say • ix

In some reminiscent hour

Love Letters, 1944–45 • 4–47

Time in Evergreen

Resurrection • 7
Tokens of Mercy • 9
This Is His Body • 11
Threads • 14
Beckoning Hills • 16
Preaching to the Choir • 17
Dementia, Warm October • 18
Grandpa’s Day Timers • 21
For When You Wondered Why I Wasn’t There • 23
The Minute I Heard You Died • 25
After Eights • 26
Funeral Tape • 28

Clouds above Canola

Gardening Advice from the Wife of a Pious Pastor • 33
The Autumn of Your Cancer • 35
Scavenger Hunt • 37
Between Seed and Harvest • 38
For Your Name’s Sake • 39
Closure • 42
The Night of the Fair • 44
Are you sewing, Mom? • 46
Deep Breathing • 48
What Little Things Come to Us • 49
There Is the Old Brick House • 50

Fields of Light and Stone

Fields • 54

Shivered into Being

In My First Five Year Diary • 57
Making Sheep • 58
Unwinding • 59
Oma’s Girl • 60
Bias Binding • 61
In Whispers He’s Still the Wanderer • 63
All Is Bright • 64
As We Left They Sang • 65
Edges • 67
Division • 69

What the Aspens Whispered

Under the Shadow of Your Name • 73
He Made Me Promise to Remember Arkadak • 74
Ancient Script • 76
Generations • 77
Plans to Prosper • 78
His Hands • 79
Sunset on Deep Bay • 80
Souvenir • 81
After the Funeral, I Pick up My Box • 82
Passages • 83
The First Trees • 84

Notes • 85
Acknowledgements • 89
ISBNs: 9781772125115 978-1-77212-511-5 Title: fields of light and stone ISBNs: 9781772125214 978-1-77212-521-4 Title: fields of light and stone