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Publication date: May 2019
Features: Map
Series: Wayfarer
Keywords: Memoir / Travel
Subject(s): BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY / Personal Memoirs, Memoir / Travel, TRAVEL / Europe / Western, LITERARY COLLECTIONS / Canadian, Memoir / Travel, Memoirs, Biography: literary, Biography, Travel, Cultural Studies
Publisher(s): The University of Alberta Press

Naomi K. Lewis. Naomi K. Lewis's books include the novel Cricket in a Fist, the short story collection I Know Who You Remind Me Of, and the memoir Tiny Lights for Travellers, and she co-edited the anthology Shy with Rona Altrows. Her journalism has been shortlisted for provincial and national magazine awards, and she has served as writer in residence at the University of New Brunswick and the Calgary Public Library. She lives in Calgary and sometimes Kelowna.

"Naomi is an incredibly talented writer and the loveliest of human beings. Her words are thought provoking and genuine. This is her journey to learn about her family history. Knowing who you are and understating where you come from can be a lifelong exploration."

Andrea Kopylech, Associate Director Advancement, Faculty of Arts

"Tiny Lights for Travellers starts with a zit, percolating brightly on the nose of our author while she takes the transatlantic flight that begins the book. In a strange, unlikely, funny, unabashed and endearing way, this first image in Naomi K. Lewis's reluctant, almost anti-travel memoir encapsulates much of what her book is about."

Laurie D. Graham, Alberta Views

"Wry, moving and beautifully written—Naomi Lewis is a wonderful writer."

Alison Pick, Booker nominated author of Between Gods and Strangers with the Same Dream

"Early on in Tiny Lights for Travellers, author Naomi Lewis admits she is a poor traveller. She is, however, a master navigator of her own interior geography. In this quiet, humble, and profoundly openhearted memoir, Lewis maps her family’s history, her relationship to faith, and the loves she has both lost and gained. As a reader, I feel thankful to have been invited on the journey."

Marcello Di Cintio, author of Pay No Heed to the Rockets

"An irresistibly wise, poignant, and often funny memoir, a spiral dance through time and space exploring memory, desire, the roots of family, race, and religion; as well as what it means to belong in one’s own skin."

Lauren B. Davis, author of The Grimoire of Kensington Market, The Empty Room, and others

"I was deeply engaged with Naomi’s journey through Europe while also curious about and interested in the memories of her family life, her marriage, her questions of identity, and a burgeoning love story. A hugely intelligent and creative memoir."

Lauren Carter, author of Following Sea

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