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Publication date: January 1992
Features: 1 map, tables, figures
Series: Miscellaneous Publications Series
Keywords: Distance Education;Community Development;Sustainability
Subject(s): Open learning, distance education, Distance Education / Community Development / Sustainability, SOCIAL SCIENCE / General, Distance Education;Community Development;Sustainability, Education
Publisher(s): The University of Alberta Press, Athabasca University Press

Denis Wall. Denis Wall has been involved in teaching, research, and consulting on Aboriginal issues over the past three decades. He received the first Ph.D. in Intercultural Education from the University of Alberta in 1987. After working initially at the Alberta Vocational College in Grouard, Alberta, he moved to the Alberta Department of Advanced Education and the Department of Education's innovative "Native Education Project". He taught courses for the School of Native Studies (now the Faculty) at the University of Alberta and Concordia University College, both in Edmonton. Since 1990 he has operated a consulting firm that concentrates on educational and Aboriginal issues.

Michael Owen.

ISBNs: 9780919737051 978-0-919737-05-1 Title: distance education and sustainable community development ISBNs: 9781772121728 978-1-77212-172-8 Title: distance education and sustainable community development