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Publication date: April 2019
Features: 3 figures, 10 tables, 3 appendices, notes, bibliography, index
Keywords: Government Information / Data
Subject(s): LANGUAGE ARTS & DISCIPLINES / Library & Information Science / Archives & Special Libraries, Government Information / Data, LANGUAGE ARTS & DISCIPLINES / Library & Information Science / Digital & Online Resources, BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Information Management, IT, Internet & electronic resources in libraries, Political Science, Government Information / Data, Knowledge management, Digital Humanities
Publisher(s): The University of Alberta Press
Amanda Wakaruk is Copyright Librarian at the University of Alberta. Sam-chin Li is Reference/Government Publications librarian at the University of Toronto.
Introduction: The Evolution of Government Information Services and Stewardship in Canada
Amanda Wakaruk and Sam-chin Li

I Historical Overviews
1 Government Publication Deposit Programs: The Canadian Federal, Provincial, and Territorial Landscapes
Graeme Campbell, Michelle Lake, and Catherine McGoveran
2 Official Publications and Select Digital Library Collections at Library and Archives Canada, 1923 to the Present
Tom J. Smyth
3 Parliamentary Information in Canada: Form and Function
Talia Chung and Maureen Martyn
4 Commissions and Tribunals
Caron Rollins

II Provincial Landscape
5 Alberta Government Publishing
Dani J. Pahulje
6 Saskatchewan Government Publications Deposit in the Legislative Library
Gregory Salmers
7 Inside Track: Challenges of Collecting, Accessing, and Preserving Ontario Government Publications
Sandra Craig and Martha Murphy
8 Digitization of Government Publications: A Review of the Ontario Digitization Initiative
Carol Perry, Brian Tobin, and Sam-chin Li

III Looking Forward: Collaborative Stewardship
9 GALLOP Portal: Making Government Publications in Legislative Libraries Findable
Peter Ellinger
10 The Canadian Government Information Digital Preservation Network: A Collective Response to a National Crisis
Amanda Wakaruk and Steve Marks
11 Web Harvesting and Reporting Fugitive Government Materials: Collaborative Stewardship of At-Risk Documents
Susan Paterson, Nicholas Worby, and Darlene Fichter

ISBNs: 9781772124064 978-1-77212-406-4 Title: government information in canada