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Publication date: May 2018
Features: 17 B&W images, notes, bibliography, index
Keywords: Literary Criticism / Postanarchism
Subject(s): LITERARY CRITICISM / Modern / 21st Century, Literary Criticism / Postanarchism, LITERARY CRITICISM / Poetry, LITERARY CRITICISM / Semiotics & Theory, Literary studies: poetry & poets, Literary Criticism / Postanarchism, Literary theory
Publisher(s): The University of Alberta Press

Dani Spinosa. Dani Spinosa holds a PhD in English Language and Literature from York University. She teaches literature in Toronto, and can be found online at

"Anarchists in the Academy is required reading for anyone in the field of contemporary and experimental poetry and the digital humanities."

Weldon Hunter, Canadian Literature

"Anarchists in the Academy will provoke the poetics community and tempt us to reconsider how the mainstream of contemporary poetics has fundamentally misread some poets while overlooking others, particularly for electronic poetry. Reactions, disputes, exhortations, and fast flowing currents of productive new work are sure to follow the channel cut here by Spinosa and to redraw our understanding of radical contemporary poetics."

James Gifford, Professor of English, Fairleigh Dickinson University

Book Design of the Year | Alberta Book Awards, Book Publishers Association of Alberta, Canada
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John Cage Making Excessive Noise 14
Robert Duncan Plagiarizing 25
bpNichol for the Curious Viewer/Reader 35

2 Feminism, Print, Machines 51
Susan Howe Sleeping in the Library 54
Erín Moure’s Name in Quotation Marks 71
Juliana Spahr Prefers Both 84
Harryette Mullen Making Kimchee in a Museum 95

3 Easy Concepts 107
Kenneth Goldsmith Talking to Himself 111
Vanessa Place Without Serifs 124
Christian Bök Obsolesces the Avant-Garde 134
Darren Wershler andor Any Number of Readers 142

4 Digital Interventions 153
Jim Andrews Drifts Apart 156
W. Mark Sutherland Puts the Cedar in Abecedarian 166
Brian Kim Stefans Alphabetizes Dreams 177
Andy Campbell, Mez Breeze, and the Constrict(l)ure of Code 186
ISBNs: 9781772123760 978-1-77212-376-0 Title: anarchists in the academy ISBNs: 9781772124057 978-1-77212-405-7 Title: anarchists in the academy