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Publication date: August 2017
Features: 15 B&W photographs, 8 drawings, 1 map, glossary
Series: Wayfarer
Keywords: Travel Writing / Literature / Bhutan
Subject(s): TRAVEL / Asia / India & South Asia, Creative Writing, Creative Writing / Travel Literature, Creative Writing, Creative Writing / Literary Nonfiction, Area Studies, Area Studies / Asian Studies, Creative Writing, Creative Writing / Auto/biography & Memoir, Travel Writing / Literature / Bhutan, Travel, Biography, Cultural Studies, BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY / Personal Memoirs, SPORTS & RECREATION / Running & Jogging, Memoirs, Travel Writing / Literature / Bhutan, Running & jogging, Mountain Studies
Publisher(s): The University of Alberta Press

Tony Robinson-Smith. British by origin, Canadian by marriage, Tony Robinson-Smith chronicled his adventures circling the earth without using aircraft in Back in 6 Years (Goose Lane Editions). Tony now teaches and runs in Fredericton, New Brunswick.

A worthy addition to the canon of running memoirs. An unprecedented journey across a singular spiritual landscape, enlivened by Robinson-Smith’s keen eye for detail, beautiful prose, and remarkable endurance. A travelogue that takes seriously its responsibility to its hosts. Thoughtful, mindful, compelling.

Award Committee, Nonfiction Prize, New Brunswick Book Awards

"Robinson-Smith's account of the Tara-thon is lively, richly detailed and unvarnished... [The] imagination is caught by what Robinson-Smith reveals about the society itself, Bhutan's history, the wary insularity of its mountain fastness, the harsh demands of life there, the delightfully appealing economic measure known as Gross National Happiness, and the effects, good and bad, of increased contact with the modern world." Richard Cumyn, The Fiddlehead, November 2018

Richard Cumyn, The Fiddlehead

"Travel writing in Canada is alive, well, and robustly athletic.... Robinson-Smith does a good job of juxtaposing Western perceptions, both historic and modern, with the challenges faced by the Bhutanese..." [Full review at]

Zöe Landale, Canadian Literature

WFNB Nonfiction Prize, Canada
INDIE Book of the Year Awards (Adventure & Recreation) - Honorable Mention, United States

1 Lama’s Blessing
2 Precious Teacher
3 “Long Distance Dozen”
4 Birth of an Idea
5 Royal Sanction
6 The Longest Climb
7 Clowns and Phalluses
8 Death of a Runner
9 Shabdrung Sheep
10 Yalama!
11 Cure for Our Sufferings
12 Bumpy Road to Wangdi
13 Tea with Her Majesty

ISBNs: 9781772123005 978-1-77212-300-5 Title: the dragon run