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Publication date: September 2016
Features: Bibliography, notes, index
Keywords: Political Science / Multilateralism
Subject(s): POLITICAL SCIENCE / International Relations / Diplomacy, Political Science / Multilateralism, Political Science, POLITICAL SCIENCE / Globalization, PHILOSOPHY / Political, Globalization, Political Science / Multilateralism
Publisher(s): The University of Alberta Press

Robert W. Murray. Robert W. Murray is Senior Business Advisor, Dentons Canada LLP. He lives in Edmonton.

Frances Kofi Abiew.

Edward Ansah Akuffo.

Greg J. Anderson.

David R. Black.

Duane Bratt.

Antonio Franceschet.

Paul Gecelovsky.

David J. Hornsby.

Tom Keating. Tom Keating was Professor of Political Science at the University of Alberta until his retirement. His field of interest was international relations.

Christopher J. Kukucha.

John McCoy.

Shaun Narine.

Kim Richard Nossal.

Matthew S. Weinert.

"They say Cape Buffalo ward off predators by instinctive mobbing behaviour. Many buffalo will join to protect the herd. Among nations, this is called “multilateralism”. It sounds co-operative and altruistic, but in practice can be narrow and cynical. Seeking Order In Anarchy examines the phenomenon with first-rate essays by political scientists. The book is timely, in an age of rising nationalism and a receding tide of free trade." [Full article at]

Holly Doan, Blacklock's Reporter

"For those engaged in re-engineering Canada’s foreign policy, Seeking Order in Anarchy: Multilateralism as State Strategy, a splendid volume edited by Robert W. Murray, offers helpful perspective… The authors highlight a distinctive Canadian scholarship of international relations— literate, analytically acute…. And the great Canadian scholar Tom Keating contributes a fine set of conclusions seeking to reconcile and illuminate the idea and often imperfect practice of multilateralism.”

David M. Malone, Literary Review of Canada


I Ideas of Multilateralism
1 The Ethics of International Coercion
Two Types of Multilateralism // Antonio Franceschet
2 Separated at Birth, Reunited in Global Economics?
The English School, Ipe, and Postwar Multilateralism // Greg J. Anderson
3 Regional Multilateralism and the Reconfiguration of International Society
A View from the English School // Matthew S. Weinert
4 Realist Multilateralism
Co-operation in the Emerging Multipolar System // Robert W. Murray
5 The Multilateral Impulse
Contract or Covenant? // Paul Gecelovsky

II Multilateralism in Practice
6 Kicking It Old School
Romanticism with Conservative Characteristics // Kim Richard Nossal
7 Multilateralism and US Foreign Policy
The United Nations in the Clinton Era // Francis Kofi Abiew
8 Multilateralism and Canadian
Foreign Trade Policy / A Long View // Christopher J. Kukucha
9 Nato and the New Western Imperialism
How Western Aggression Created the Russia Problem // Shaun Narine
10 Multilateralism as Motive and Opportunity
The Case of Canada–South Africa Relations // David R. Black and David J. Hornsby
11 Evaluating Keating’s Idea of Multilateralism
The United Nations’ Approach to Terrorism in a Post-9/11 World // John McCoy
12 Stephen Harper and Multilateralism
A Rebuttal to Keating’s Twilight of Canadian Multilateralism // Duane Bratt
13 Africa’s Geopolitical Space and Canada’s Multilateral Security Strategy
The Chrétien and Harper Eras // Edward Ansah Akuffo

Reconciling the Idea and Practice of Multilateralism // Tom Keating

ISBNs: 9781772121391 978-1-77212-139-1 Title: seeking order in anarchy ISBNs: 9781772122787 978-1-77212-278-7 Title: seeking order in anarchy ISBNs: 9781772122794 978-1-77212-279-4 Title: seeking order in anarchy ISBNs: 9781772122800 978-1-77212-280-0 Title: seeking order in anarchy