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Publication date: February 2002
Features: Notes, bibliography
Keywords: Media
Subject(s): BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Public Relations, Media, Media, Communication and Media Studies, Business
Publisher(s): The University of Alberta Press

William Wray Carney. William Wray Carney studied journalism at Carleton University. He has over 30 years of experience in media, public relations, and education. He has taught at the University of Regina, the University of Alberta, and Concordia University College. His work in public relations was primarily in the public sector in Alberta and Saskatchewan. Now semi-retired, he maintains a private practice in Regina. In 2009, the Canadian Public Relations Society presented him with the Award of Attainment.

"Carney has literally written the book on Canadian PR." Dan Rubinstein, Vue Weekly

"A convincing guide on convincing the media and the public." David Green, The Leader-Post

"Grounded solidly in research and personal experience, yet written in a straightforward, direct style particularly suitable for introducing novices to public relations while offering new tips, tricks, and techniques for veteran PR workers, In The News is a first-rate and highly recommended guidebook to the art, craft and science of media relations." Midwest Book Review

"Divided into 15 sharply focused chapters, In The News methodically strips away any mystique about how news stories are crafted. It is especially enlightening in its dissection of the media interview, recasting the interviewer-interviewee relationship almost as an elaborate form of courtship." Calgary's News and Entertainment Weekly

"Carney is a former journalist who has worked in various aspects of communications for more than 20 years. His book is packed with information on approaching the media, developing and maintaining a relationship with it, handling interviews, analyzing the success of message delivery, lodging complaints and a whole lot more in between." Barb Glen, The Western Producer

"The book fills a major gap - at least in Canada - for media relations practitioners in general and for journalism/communications students in particular. This is the stuff you don't learn unless you go behind the scenes, witness a press scrum or see how a PR flak from a corporation puts a positive spin on a crisis that the public might otherwise think about unfavorably." Barry's Bulletin, October 2002

"This is a book for people in the public, private and voluntary sector who know very little about the news media but need to know more if they are going to do their jobs properly. It contains lots of practical advice about how to approach reporters, turn events into a news story, navigate difficult interviews, and write grabby press releases. Journalists wanting to know more about the tricks of the trade used in the PR business will also find this interesting." Media Magazine, The Canadian Association of Journalists

"In The News is a pleasure to read - for its easy style, its balance between practice and analysis, and for its insights on the media/communicator relationship....Definitely worth owning for all but the very experienced. The two chapters on handling interviews are touchstones to be read over and over, as are the concluding thoughts on professional development. Total beginners will want to supplement this volume with additional case studies showing the principles in action and material on the how-to of activities such as setting up a news conference venue or conducting a media drop." Kathee Muzin, PR Canada Reviews.

"It's an all-Canadian, comprehensive text that is research based and provides both a practical and a philosophical guide to dealing with the media." From The 8 Best Books for Publicity Seekers, The Sources HotLink

"Covering both the theoretical and practical aspects, this introduction to the field explains current media practices and presents a plan for managing media relations. The book discusses basic principles, considers who the media are and how they work, and offers advice on practical matters like news releases and interviews. Carney is a former journalist. " Jane Erskine, BOOK NEWS Inc.

"This is a remarkably balanced attempt to examine a complex set of relations... It's conversational, direct style is refreshing and believable." Professor Evelyn Ellerman, Communications Studies, Athabasca University

"In the News covers everything." Marketing Magazine

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