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Publication date: February 2001
Features: Colour illustrations throughout
Keywords: Journey;Botany
Subject(s): SCIENCE / Life Sciences / Botany, Journey / Botany, SCIENCE / Life Sciences / Botany, Botany & plant sciences, Journey;Botany, Natural History, Art
Publisher(s): The University of Alberta Press, University of Hawai'i Press

Dr. A.K. Hellum.

" compilation of poignant personal experiences." Marlies Glasius, CBRA

"Reading this book is like reading someone's beautifully illustrated personal journal.. [T]he paintings are beautifully done. Any reader who read this book and then visited Bhutan would immediately recognize these plants if he or she were lucky enough to happen upon them.. If you enjoy gorgeous botanical illustrations or gentle musings on small daily events, you will like this book." - Judith Whitcomb, Biodiversity

"The whole is imbued with a Buddhist perception, and we are brought close to an understanding that plants and people, animals and earth are one, and without self." Ottawa Citizen

"It's hard not to see the art as works of great beauty given their vivid colouring, minute detail and almost lyric grace." Gilbert A. Bouchard, Edmonton Journal

"As you leaf through A Painter's Year, wonderful flowers and shrubs, exotic trees and a text that borders on the poetic, are indeed a delight to see." --Henry A. Spencer, The Forestry Chronicle

"I would recommend readers to indulge themselves in the warmth of these stories and the pleasure of growing in spirit and knowledge." Paul M. Woodard, Journal of Forestry

".a pleasant journey into another way of looking at plants." Hawai'I Horticulture

Banff Mountain Book Festival - Outstanding Book on Mountain Culture

Alberta Book Awards - Wilfred Eggleston Award for Non-Fiction

Alberta Book Awards - Book Design of the Year

Alberta Book Awards - Cover Design of the Year

Alberta Book Awards - Book Illustration of the Year

Alberta Book Awards - Trade Book of the Year

Alberta Book Awards - Trade Book of the Year, Silver Award

ISBNs: 9780888643230 978-0-88864-323-0 Title: a painters year in the forests of bhutan