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Publication date: January 2009
Features: 5 maps, figures, tables, references, appendices
Series: Occasional Publications Series
Keywords: Inuit;Polar Bears;Sustainability
Subject(s): NATURE / Ecosystems & Habitats / Polar Regions, Area Studies, Northern & Polar Studies, Inuit / Polar Bears / Sustainability, Inuit;Polar Bears;Sustainability, Natural History, Natural Resources
Publisher(s): The University of Alberta Press

Milton M.R. Freeman.

A. Lee Foote.

Mary May Simpson.

Jon Hutton.

"This book provides an excellent review of the sustainability of polar bear hunting in the Arctic and its cultural, social, and economic context. This book is scientific and rich in data and fact… It is a sustained and reasoned critique of the listing of the polar bear as endangered, and a defence of both subsistence and guided hunting. Its data will be widely valued."

William M. Adams, Études/Inuit/Studies

ISBNs: 9781896445458 978-1-896445-45-8 Title: inuit polar bears and sustainable use ISBNs: 9781772121902 978-1-77212-190-2 Title: inuit polar bears and sustainable use