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Publication date: January 2011
Features: 4 maps, 13 B&W photographs, figures, tables, references, appendices
Series: Occasional Publications Series
Keywords: Arctic;Social Conditions;Economic Conditions
Subject(s): REFERENCE / Research, Area Studies, Northern & Polar Studies, Arctic / Social Conditions / Economic Conditions, Arctic;Social Conditions;Economic Conditions
Publisher(s): The University of Alberta Press

Michelle Daveluy. Fascinated by languages, Michelle Daveluy discovered sociolinguistics and the anthropology of language. Outside Quebec, she is interested in Nunavut and language issues in the workplace. She is part of the research team for the Inuit Leadership and Governance project in Nunavut and Nunavik.

Francis Lévesque.

Jenanne Ferguson.

"Diligent readers will find some interesting reflections herein, even if the collection as a whole provides less clarity on the concept of security than it does on a spate of human challenges facing the people of the Circumpolar North."

P. Whitney Lackenbauer, Études/Inuit/Studies, vol. 37, n° 2

ISBNs: 9781896445540 978-1-896445-54-0 Title: humanizing security in the arctic ISBNs: 9781772121858 978-1-77212-185-8 Title: humanizing security in the arctic