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Publication date: January 2004
Features: 6 maps, figures, tables
Series: Occasional Publications Series
Keywords: Northern Canada;Earth Sciences;Native Studies
Subject(s): BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Industries / Natural Resource Extraction, Northern Canada / Earth Sciences / Native Studies, Northern Canada;Earth Sciences;Native Studies, Arctic, Social Sciences
Publisher(s): The University of Alberta Press

Ryan K. Danby. Ryan Danby teaches in both the Department of Geography and the School of Environmental Studies at Queen's University. His research interests lie at the interface of ecology and geography and his work draws upon and contributes to the fields of biogeography, landscape ecology, and conservation biology. The geographical focus of his research is primarily the circumpolar north, and particularly northern Canada and Alaska.

Heather E. Castleden. Professor Castleden's interests include community-based participatory research, Indigenous research, Indigenous-settler relations, environment and health interconnections, and ethics. Her research is interdisciplinary and collaborative, and strives to address environmental and social injustices and health inequities. She received her doctorate from the University of Alberta.

Audrey R. Giles.

Jennie Rausch.

Milton M.R. Freeman.

Mark Nuttall.

ISBNs: 9781896445298 978-1-896445-29-8 Title: breaking the ice/briser la glace ISBNs: 9781772121636 978-1-77212-163-6 Title: breaking the ice/briser la glace