At the heart of the University of Alberta Press is a dynamic group of people. 

Douglas Hildebrand

Director and Publisher

tel: 780.492.0717

email: dhildebr(at)

Mat Buntin

Acquisitions Editor

tel: 519.200.3560

email: buntin(at)

Mary Lou Roy

Editor (Production)

tel: 780.492.9488

email: marylou.roy(at)

Duncan Turner

Digital Coordinator

tel: 780.492.4945

email: duncan.turner(at)

Alan Brownoff

Design & Production

tel: 780.492.8285

email: abrownof(at)

Cathie Crooks

Associate Director / Manager Planning & Operations

tel: 780.492.5820

email: ccrooks(at)

Monika Igali

Marketing Assistant

tel: 780.492.7493

email: monika.igali(at)