Legacy Series and Imprints

Alberta Insects Series 

Insects with John Acorn

Alberta Nature and Culture Series 

Informed commentary on Alberta, its people, and related national and international issues

Alberta Reflections 

Alberta 2005 Centennial History

Bountiful Gardens

From the pleasure of gardening to the delight of sharing your harvest

CCI Press (1964-2012)

Circumpolar Research Series

New understandings of circumpolar situations and concerns

cuRRents series in Canadian Literature

New and reprint titles featuring Canadian writers and poets

Series editor: Jonathan Hart

Miscellaneous Publications Series

Reports and other modest works relating to the circumpolar north

Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate

Histories of the OMI Catholic missionary religious congregation in Canada

Series editor: Raymond J.A. Huel

Northern Hunter-Gatherers Research Series

Interdisciplinary works on hunting and gathering peoples from arctic, boreal, and sub-arctic regions

Series editor: Andrzej Weber

Northern Reference Series 

Bibliographies and literature reviews

Occasional Publications Series 

Publication of conference proceedings, collections of papers, workshop reports, and books 

Solstice Series

Knowledge translation, access, and transfer using case studies and community-based models

Series editors: Mike Evans & Chris Fletcher

University of Alberta Centennial Series 

Reviewing and recording the first 100 years of the institution

Series editor: Jim Edwards, P.C.

Western Canada Reprint Series 

A historic reprint series

Western Studies In Economic Policy 

Canadian economic policy